Logan's Porfolio

FannyPack (Java)

A Minecraft quality-of-life mod that adds more hotbars to store your items

Spaces (TypeScript)

Android/iOS/web app built with Ionic to guide users toward and provide information about University City parking lots, using the Google Maps API. A school project.

YamSweeper (Java)

Yet Another Minesweeper clone. A project from high school.

Loganbot (Vala)

Loganbot is a Twitch (IRC) chat bot to assist me when I stream. She features natural language command syntax and a bespoke IRC library. She uses the Steam, Twitch, and Twitter APIs.

gooeyOS (Lua)

A graphical OS for ComputerCraft. One of the first, in fact. Completely pointless as anything but a proof of concept, but I plan to revisit my designs for this as a real OS someday. It is unknown to science why the terminal cursor blinks so fast. It didn't do that 5 years ago when I wrote it!

Volumancer (Bash)

A command line utility for managing volume levels and limits on Mac OS from a remote desktop, designed for an elementary school computer lab

WheelOfFortune (Java)

A replica of the hit gameshow Wheel Of Fortune, with minor changes, which runs in your favorite terminal. A school project.

Drawlib (C#)

The first ever in-game drawing library for Space Engineers, inspired by Löve's graphics namespace

Orbit (Lua)

A small solar system sim.

MusicPlayerFX (Java)

A simple mp3 music player written with JavaFX. A school project.

Grouper (Python)

A small utility for looking up the names of overlapping groups, to make it easier for users in my Discord server to know who to @

nowplaying (Python)

A simple daemon that generates a picture from MPRIS v2 now-playing information, for a smart OBS now-playing overlay

Pretty Print (Lua)

A function to make everyone's tables look better. Very useful for game debug HUDs.

AutoAddS (JavaScript)

A browser extension I wrote in high school to circumvent the school's overzealous web filter. It detects the "blocked content" message and automatically redirects the user to the "https" URL.

Life (Lua)

An implementation of Conway's game of life. This one has colors. I've made way too many of these.